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Nomination of Candidates for the 2020-2023 AGIFORS Council

09 May 2020 06:02 | Jonas Rauch (Administrator)

AGIFORS is an all-volunteer organization and its continued success and growth relies on the support of our members. Everyone is encouraged to play an active role. Serving on the Council is a rewarding way for members to give back to the OR community by sharing your time, experience, and ideas.

AGIFORS invites all qualified members to consider running for a seat on the council for the 2021-2023 term.

The Council consists of at least eight members and is responsible for governing and administering to the AGIFORS community. The positions on the council currently include President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Study Group Coordinator, Symposium Chair, Symposium Technical Chair, Membership Secretary, Communications Officer. In addition, the president in consultation with the council can appoint additional members to the council who provide necessary services in the best interest of the organization.

Members are elected to the council, and it is the responsibility of the council itself to assign the various positions based on each member’s interest and qualifications.

Within the guidelines set forth by our constitution, we are hereby accepting nominations for the upcoming AGIFORS Council elections. If you wish to nominate someone (including yourself), please submit your nomination at Council Nominations or through the following link https://forms.gle/dN36KaCPpCQSZ5xCA until May 15, 2020.

On the form, please include the following information about the proposed candidate:

  • Full Name

  • Contact information (email, phone)

  • Affiliation (Airline, University, Company (solution vendor, consultancy))

  • AGIFORS involvement (presenter, attendee at study groups and/or symposium)

  • A brief summary (100 word max) of why the nominated candidate is suitable for serving on the council

Please note that only candidates that have been full AGIFORS members for at least 5 years are qualified to stand for election.

The election process will be administered online during the months of May/June 2020, and the general AGIFORS community will be given the opportunity to ‘meet’ each candidate through online profiles/biographies. The polls will remain open for at least two weeks, and the final results will be communicated back to the community before the start of the 60th Annual AGIFORS Symposium scheduled for this fall in Toulouse.

If you may have any questions or to want to learn more about serving on the Council, please don’t hesitate to contact AGIFORS Secretary John-Paul Clarke (secretary@agifors.org), AGIFORS President David Foster (president@agifors.org), or any of the current council members.

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