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General Information

Social Program

Another important element of our physical conference has always been our social program and networking opportunities – getting to know your colleagues in the industry.  We are also going to try some fun and innovative actions online to recreate this opportunity in the conference.  To make it work, we are going to ask you for more information when you register, to distribute to the other conference attendees.  We ask you all to please be open to our approach.

During twice-daily coffee breaks, we will run a screensaver of the fun photos which we have collected from you during registration.  This to add more fun to the conference.  These will be what you will vote on for the photo contest.


There will be online social events daily. The delegates will sign up for and participate in fun networking sessions using an interactive platform.  We are requesting your bios and your head-shot photos to make this both a more valuable networking opportunity for everyone as well as a more fun experience.

Every day there will be a “social hour”.  The social hours will require signup for groups of up to 25 people (the number of live webcams you can tile on the screen).  Also, at registration we need to solicit people to be group leaders.  You sign up today for John Smith’s group, tomorrow for Mary Jones’ group.  You give an alternate in case choice #1 is full.  The job of the leader is to restart conversation when it lags.  If you are willing to be a group leader, please send an email to mike.irrgang@gmail.com.

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