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Disclaimer: agenda is still subject of change

All times are in Helsinki local time.

Monday 05jun23

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Welcome reception at Clarion Living Room

tuesday 06jun23

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Study group chairs' welcome address

Virginie Lurkin and Dennis Buitendijk (AGIFORS RM co-chairs)


President's welcome address

Laurie Garrow (AGIFORS president)


Keynote Finnair: Retailing transformation in practice - expectations and challenges

Antti Tolvanen (Senior Vice President Network and Revenue Management)


How to upset your customers: a revenue management story

Daniel Hopman (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Coffee break


Recommending bundles

Kalyan Talluri (Imperial College Business School)


How should we measure forecast accuracy?

Jonas Rauch (PROS)


The Ups and Downs of City-Based Seasonality for Revenue Management

Gizem Burr and Qingleng Tan (United) 


Clarion conference lunch at Kitchen & Table restaurant


Combining Analytical and Machine Learning Models to build Interpretable Demand Forecasts with Superior Accuracy

Thomas Fiig, Simon Nanty, Ludovic Zannier, Michael Defoin-Platel (Amadeus)


Who Needs a Good Forecast Anyways?

Ross Winegar and Tom Gorin (PROS)

 14:50 Coffee break

Fare proration versus bid price subtraction in dynamic programming

Bertalan Juhasz (Finnair)


A Peak Inside the Black Box: Deep Learning Model Explainability with Integrated Gradients

Jon S. Ham and Zoey Zheng (FLYR)

 16:10 Closure day 1
 17:30  Social activity 
 19:00 Networking dinner at Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo

WED 07jun23

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Study group chairs' welcome address

Virginie Lurkin and Dennis Buitendijk (AGIFORS RM co-chairs)


Exploring Deep-Q-Learning in the context of Airline pricing

Sharath Nataraj, Jeswin Varghese, Adarsh R, Aparna Muralidhar, Ebin Joseph, Jeswin Varghese, Ranjith Menon (IBS)


Challenges of Pricing in Air Cargo

Rudolf Zivcic (RMSP)


Coffee break


Aumann-Shapley Pricing for Passenger Baggage

Prabhupad Bharadwaj and R.K. Amit (IIT Madras)


Balancing Displacement Cost and Willingness to Pay: A Dual Optimization Framework for Airline RM

Cole Wrightson and Grzegorz Goryl (FLYR)


Application of quantum computing in the field of airline Revenue Management

Thomas Fiig, Antoine Boulanger, Alexander Papen (Amadeus)

Mogens Dalgaard, Janus Halleløv Wesenberg, Rune Thinggaard Hansen (Kvantify)


Clarion conference lunch at Kitchen & Table restaurant


Revenue optimization for airline branded fares with machine learning

Aldair Alvarez; Adam Bockelie; Teodora Dan; Tianjiao Liu; Carl Perreault-Lafleur; Alan Regis; Yury Sambale; Sajad Aliakbari Sani; Cindy Yao; Emma Frejinger; Andrea Lodi; Guillaume Rabusseau (Air Canada and IVADO Labs)


Recursions for Excursions

Darius Walczak (PROS)


Optimizing Airline Revenue with Dynamic Bundle Pricing: A Collaborative Solution by Airnguru and Piano

Javier Jimenez (Airnguru) 

 15:15 Coffee break

Airfare asymmetry in African countries: evidence from the European destinations

Soheil Sibdari, Professor of Operations Management (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) 


Overview of AirSim, a Competitive RM Simulation Tool

Laurie Garrow (Georgia Tech, AGIFORS President)

 16:30 Vendor presentations

Closure conference

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