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SSP 2021 Technical Presentation Requirements

Thank you for contributing to the collective knowledge of the SSP community. Below, please find requirements for a technical presentation. 

Due to the virtual meeting setup, we ask that you pre-record your presentation. There will be a live Q&A session for each presentation.

Once your abstract is accepted, we will contact you with instructions on slides and pre-recorded presentation.

Please share your draft slides as soon as possible, before May 2nd

Final slides and pre-recorded presentations are due May 10th

A) Slides:

  • PDF or PPT(X) format

  • You are free to use any template

  • Landscape orientation, 16:9 ratio

  • Slide 1 (cover) must contain:

    • Title

    • Presenter’s name and organization

    • Date

    • The following copyright statement:

      Copyright © by ____ [speaker name/company name]. Published by AGIFORS with permission.

  • Slide 2: Bio of the speaker(s) - limit to 200 words please, and photographs of the speakers

  • Important requirement:

    • No promotion of commercial products or companies or advertising please
    • However, logo of the speaker's organization is allowed

B) Pre-recorded presentation (with audio) in MP4:

The following are requirements for participation in the technical program:

  • A 30-45 minute presentation, including Q&A
  • Willingness to comply with requests for additional information and clarification on abstract and/or presentation material
  • Willingness to tailor a presentation for the AGIFORS SSP audience and to accept directions from the selection committee in doing so
  • No live demo’s (screenshots are fine insofar as they illustrate or help visualize concepts or demonstrate results)
  • No references to commercial products
  • Must register and attend the conference

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