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Online event

Due to the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the AGIFORS Council has made the choice to do all study group meetings in an online format, just as was the case for the Airline Operations SG meeting & Annual Symposium in 2020.

This year the Airline Operations Study Group meeting will start on Tuesday, 13 July 2021 and end on Friday, 16 July 2021. All sessions will start at 13:00 UTC and run through to 17:30 UTC. These times would hopefully make it possible to attend the session within a reasonable time for many locations around the globe.


As this event is not like any of our usual events, and we realize that in these times it is nearly impossible to commit to anything costly, we have decided to greatly reduce the registration fees for this year. We do this because we feel that now more than ever we need a platform like AGIFORS to work together in combatting the effects of this pandemic.

Registration fees are:

  • Academic/Airline: for AGIFORS members registration is for FREE
    Non-members pay USD $30 extra.
  • Industry/Government/Vendors: USD $30
    Non-members pay USD $30 extra.
Register here for free membership. 

Registration Page


Last year's conference theme was "What has COVID-19 done to our airlines – and what can software vendors, decision support solutions, and consultancies do to help us restore our operations to normal?"  This year we will be essentially following up on that theme, as our industry begins our road to recovery.  The different areas we wish to discuss are:

  1. As we transition into post-COVID era, how have the operations changed, either temporarily or permanently? What are the operational problems you are trying to solve before and after COVID?
  2. What are the challenges in the recovery phase and how have you addressed them?
  3. Are there any lessons learned from COVID time that you are able to or planning to apply to “normal” operation?
  4. How can OR technologies and solutions be adapted/developed to assist in the recovery from COVID

Once again, we will have a special AGIFORS Maintenance Operations session in conjunction with Airline Operations this year.

During the vendor presentations, you will received updates on recent developments and insights into product roadmaps.

Technical & Vendor Presentations

Please note that due to the very special nature of this years event and the highly reduced registration fee for vendors, vendor presentations must be pre-recorded and limited to 10 minutes, except for vendor sponsors. All non-sponsor vendor presentations will be shown together on Friday, July 16.

** All presentations will be shown as pre-recorded video, with live Q&A.  

The technical track of the conference on Tuesday - Friday will include:

  • 15 technical Operations presentations 
  • 6 technical Maintenance presentations
  • 6 sponsor presentations


The conference runs from 13:00 UTC to 17:30 UTC daily
from Tuesday, 13 July to Friday, 16 July.

The agenda is Here

More Information

For questions or more information, please contact :


The policy of AGIFORS for all their meetings are to have the registration fee for Airline staff and Academics as low as possible. The philosophy behind this is that academics are likely to enter new lines of thought into our field, and having a strong presence by airlines brings great value to both the vendors and the airlines. It would therefore be great if your organization could this year be one of our sponsors.

Sponsors will get a 20 minute sponsor presentation within the main program (first come, first served) and their logo will be posted on this website and on all communications.  

Gold (USD $500)


A Smarter Way - Cirium - A Smarter Way


List of Presentations

All presentation Abstracts can be seen HERE

Operations Presentations

  • Assessment of flight delay propagation
  • How the pandemic has revolutionized the approach of Airlines to Manpower Planning and Flight Scheduling
  • Prediction of reactionary delay and cost using machine learning
  • Optimizing Tail Assignments Across Aircraft Families
  • Credit-based mechanisms for user-driven prioritisation during ATFM regulations
  • COVID 19 Impact on Aircraft Ground Time at Congonhas Airport- Sao Paulo Brazil (CGH)
  • Opportunities in a global crisis: Setting the course towards the next generation of disruption management systems
  • Protecting Crew in Recovery Management
  • Using Adaptive Simulation Optimization to determine an optimal runway usage strategy
  • Turn Operations in the Post-pandemic era
  • Continuous Dynamic Scheduling and the Change Management required of Airline Functional Areas
  • Resilient Airline Operations
  • Mixed Signals - Predicting Airport Delays in a Year of Transition
  • Using machining learning to handling connection based turn time in flight schedule recovery problem
  • Solving flight combining and rerouting problem with best first search algorithm
Maintenance Presentations
  • Predictive maintenance for a fleet of aircraft with Remaining-Useful-Life prognostics and the management of spare components
  • Leveraging Analytics to Create a Dynamic Technical Operations Strategy for Storing Aircraft and Returning Them to Service
  • Multi-objective analysis of condition-based aircraft maintenance
  • Airline maintenance task rescheduling in a disruptive environment 
  • A Knowledge and Data Driven approach for Air Cycle Machine Prognostics
  • Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Enhance the Line Maintenance Manpower Modeling
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