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Technical presentation requirements

  • 20 minute pre-recorded presentation, Q&A excluded
  • Slides in pdf format supporting the videos, which will be distributed as part of the proceedings
  • Tailor a presentation for the AGIFORS Symposium audience (of which a large percentage are airline crew/operations/ revenue management/network & schedule managers and operations research practitioners) and to accept directions from the selection committee in doing this
  • Must register and attend the symposium
  • No reference to any commercial product is accepted in a technical presentation
  • Supported presentation formats are ppt(x) and pdf

Presentations accepted for the live broadcast that are not received by September 28th (including the video recording) will automatically be moved to the offline program.  Accepted presentations that contain references to commercial products will automatically be removed from both the live broadcast and offline programs. 

Vendor presentation requirements

  • 10 minute pre-recorded presentation, excluding Q&A

  • Must register for the symposium
  • Please register using the sponsor and vendor registration
  • For more information about the vendor program, please contact Zeliha Akca, AGIFORS Sponsorship Coordinator at sponsorship@agifors.org

Detailed description of required files

Once your abstract has been accepted, you will receive an email with a link to a Google Drive folder, to which you are requested to upload the following two files:

A) Slides:

  • PDF or PPT(X) format
  • You are free to use any template
  • Landscape orientation, 16:9 ratio
  • Slide 1 (Cover) must contain:
    • Title
    • Presenter’s name and organization
    • Date
    • The following copyright statement:
      Copyright © by ____ [author name/company name]. Published by AGIFORS with permission.
  • Slide 2: Bio of the speaker(s)

  • Important requirement:

    • No promotion of commercial products or companies or advertising.
    • However, logo of the speaker´s organization is allowed

B) Pre-recorded presentation (with audio) in MP4:

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