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Ken Wang Scholars Program 2022

Applications for the 2022 Ken Wang Scholars Program are now closed.

The Award

Ken Wang Scholars will be selected by an award committee and invited to present their work at the 2022 AGIFORS Symposium. The AGIFORS Community, represented by the conference attendants, will get opportunities to ask questions at the conference, and the awards will be presented to the winners.

AGIFORS Ken Wang Scholars will receive a cash award of USD $1,000, access to a panel of expert advisors, as well as air transportation, accommodation, and registration fees to attend the next AGIFORS Annual Symposium.  The total value of each Ken Wang Scholars Award is therefore more than USD $2,500.


  • Applicants must, as of June 1st, 2022, be registered graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree with a research thesis in operations research, statistics, data analysis, advanced analytics, engineering systems, air transportation or management science. Preference will be given to those PhD students who are early in their program.
  • Note: Applications from universities traditionally under-represented at AGIFORS are strongly encouraged
  • Applicants cannot apply for both the AGIFORS Scholarship and the Anna Valicek award in the same calendar year


The awards will be granted on the basis of excellence, innovation, considering

  • Originality of ideas / creativity and potential contribution
  • Practical importance or applicability in solving important real airline and/or airline related business problems
  • Leadership, clarity, and excellence of the exposition

In addition, the applicant is expected to be able to attend the next annual symposium to present her/his work. Interacting with the AGIFORS symposium participants is the primary motivation for the Ken Wang Scholars program, and high priority will be given in selecting finalists who are able to commit to attending the annual symposium.

Application documents

1. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of two pages)

2. Letter of support from the main academic advisor (or dissertation committee chair)

3. A 2-to-3 page summary of career goals statement that addresses:
    • why the candidate is interested in applying operations research/operations management, or analytics to airline business problems.
    • why the candidate wants to participate in the symposium and how the experience might contribute to his/her professional development
    • 1 paragraph overview of the research problem the candidate would want to tackle, including early ideas about possible methodologies to solve it
    • If applicable, describe any relevant contribution to a paper, or topic developed as part of a master’s thesis in the aviation domain

    The application files should be submitted in a single zipped file titled LastName_FirstName_KW.zip to KenWangScholars@agifors.org

    In addition: As part of the evaluation process, the candidates may be asked to virtually meet with the selection committee to present their application and answer a few questions

    Applications for the 2022 Ken Wang Scholars Program are now closed.

    Richard Cléaz-Savoyen

    Vice President, AGIFORS

    Chair, AGIFORS Ken Wang Scholars Program award committee


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