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Scheduling and Strategic Planning Study Group

The main purpose of our study group is to provide a forum to discuss the process of network and schedule development, and strategic decisions. Areas of interest include -but not limited to- forecasting, and network and schedule optimization, such as demand forecasting, market share forecasting, fleet assignment, minimizing fleet requirements other schedule-driven costs, maximizing revenues with better commercial choices, network strategies, codeshare/alliance decisions, maintenance routing, robust scheduling, improving on-time performance with schedule design, collaboration between schedule optimization and crew , and many more.

An emphasis is placed on developing models and tools to minimize fleet requirements and other schedule related costs, maximize revenues and analyze punctuality profiles of proposed flight schedules. This group now also covers Corporate Planning activities, which include strategic planning, fleet selection, fleet assignment, route planning and medium to long term financial planning, as well as airspace and airport capacity planning in relation to network, schedule, and strategic decisions.

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  • It was great to see you all in person again in Santiago de Chile in May 2023!

Study Group Chairs

Cumhur Gelogullari

American Airlines


Judith Semar

Lufthansa Systems


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