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Online Event

AGIFORS Aircraft Maintenance Operations Special Session

Due to the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the AGIFORS Council has made the choice to do all study group meetings in an online format.

This year the Aircraft Maintenance Operations Special Session will again be held in conjunction with the Airline Operations Study Group starting on Wednesday, 11 May 2022 and ending on Friday, 13 May 2022. All sessions will start at 14:00 UTC and run until 19:00 UTC. These times will hopefully make it possible to attend the session within a reasonable time for many locations around the globe.


A highly uncertain and dynamic industry - such as aviation - demands the decision-making techniques we rely on to constantly evolve and adapt to the ever changing conditions.  Developing analytics driven methods and leveraging advanced techniques to support efficiency of maintenance operations and increase resiliency guarantees aircraft reliability, enables improved operations performance and maintains our competitive advantage.

Joint Sessions with the Airline Operations Study Group

This year’s conference is being organized once again in conjunction with the AGIFORS Airline Operations study group to promote a vibrant dialog on topics that touch these business areas. 


In addition to the traditional analytics work in aircraft maintenance, this special session also includes topics related to improving efficiency and resilience, as well as application of Data Science & ML/AI in airline maintenance operations.  The following areas of interest are merely guidelines for showcasing your creative work:

      • Predictive maintenance
      • Maintenance planning and scheduling
      • Maintenance repair recommendation engines
      • Aircraft reliability
      • Fleet performance
      • Operational efficiency
      • Asset management
      • Spare part demand forecasting
      • Spare parts and inventory planning
      • Manpower planning and training 

Come and share with us your ideas, thoughts, current trends, philosophies, and latest technological advances on any of the above topics.

Conference Overview

  • A forum for airline senior managers, airline personnel, vendors, and members of academia to review the most pressing issues facing aircraft maintenance operations today, offer potential operations research and analytics solutions, and provide opportunity for high level networking
  • Technical presentations from leading experts in the airline industry
  • Airline updates on the latest happenings and plans in the near term for new business processes, systems replacements and/or upgrades
  • Vendors exhibitions in the field of airline operations control, airport planning systems, crew management, and maintenance planning

Call for Presentations

 A meeting like this is nothing without content. And the content should come from you. For that reason we request that you would consider submitting a technical presentation for the conference on one of the above themes, or on another area usually covered in this study group.

Please note that due to the very special nature of this years event and the highly reduced registration fee for vendors, vendor presentations must be pre-recorded and limited to 10 minutes, except for vendor sponsors. All non-sponsor vendor presentations will be shown together on Friday, 13 May.

** All presentations will be shown as pre-recorded video, with live Q&A.

Requirements for technical presentations

  • A 30-45 minute presentation (for orientation: 30 min with approx. 10 mins Q&A, 45 mins with approx. 15 mins Q&A)

  • Willingness to comply with requests for additional information and clarification on abstract and/or presentation material

  • Willingness to tailor a presentation for the AGIFORS Airline Operations audience and to accept direction from the selection committee in doing this

  • Must register and attend the meeting

  • Abstract deadline: 1 March 2022
  • Draft presentation deadline: 31 March 2022
  • Final presentation (ppt) entry deadline: 13 April 2022
  • Final presentation (video) entry deadline: 13 April 2021 **

** All presentations will be shown as pre-recorded video, with live Q&A.  We will give you guidance regarding recording your video.

Please send your presentation proposals / inquiry to maintenance@agifors.org.



As this is unlike our usual events, registration fees are greatly reduced this year to encourage broad participation as we work together to support the recovery of the aviation industry.

Registration fees are:

  • Airline Member: $20 USD

  • Other Members: $50 USD
  • Non Member: $75 USD
  • Sponsor (includes one registrant): $1000

Register here for free membership. 

Registration for the Aircraft Maintenance Operations is being handled through the Airline Operations registration page.

Go to Registration Page

Conference Agenda

Maintenance Operations technical talks will be listed on the conference schedule. You will find keynotes, panel discussions, airline updates and vendor presentations throughout the week.  

When the conference agenda is established, more information will be included here.


  Wednesday, 11 May 2022
 14:00 19:00 To be determined
   Thursday, 12 May 2022
 14:00 19:00 To be determined
   Friday, 13 May 2022
 14:00 19:00 To be determined

All times are UTC.


Sponsorships enable us to keep our registration fees low to encourage broad participation by academics and airline staff.

Sponsors get a 20 minute presentation during the main program and their logos will be posted prominently.

This year, there is an option to sponsor all of the study group meetings.

Please see details and a link to register as a sponsor on the Airline Operations Study group conference page

Airline Operations Study Group Main Page



For questions or more information, please contact:

Rod Tjoelker or Tolou Esfandeh:   maintenance@agifors.org

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