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Congratulations to our Anna Valicek Award Winners!


Silver: Thomas HagspihlTechnical University of Munich, GermanyApron Layout Planning - Optimal Positioning of Aircraft Stands

Bronze: Jan-Rasmus Künnen, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, Germany: The value of flexible flight-to-route assignments in pre-tactical air traffic management



Silver: Olivia R. Natan, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, Incorporating Search and Sales Information in Airline Demand Estimation

BronzeGuodong Zhu, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA, Decision Making under Uncertainties for Air Traffic Flow Management


Silver: Keji Wei, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA, Airline Timetable Development and Fleet Assignment Incorporating Passenger Choice

Bronze: Maximilian Pohl, Technical University of Munich, Germany, Runway Scheduling during Winter Operations


Silver: Sebastian Koch, University of Augsburg, Dynamic Programming Decomposition for Choice-Based Revenue Management with Flexible Products

Bronze: Keji Wei, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Modelling Crew Itineraries and Delays in the National Air Transportation System


Silver: Marcella Sama, Roma Tre University, Metaheuristics for efficient aircraft scheduling and re-routing at busy terminal control areas

Bronze: Michael Wittman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Customized Offers in Airline Revenue Management


Silver: Chiwei Yan and Jerry Kung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Robust Aircraft Routing

Bronze: Michael C. Clough, Arizona State University, New Formulations for Price and Ticket Availability Decisions in Choice-based Network Revenue Management


Silver: Virginie Lurkin, l'Universite de Liege, The Airline Container Loading Problem with Pickup and Delivery

Bronze: Yi Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology , Choice Based Revenue Management for Parallel Flight


Silver: Alex Jacquillat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Dynamic Control of Runway Configurations and Service Rates

Bronze: Chang Seng (Bill) Pun, Northwestern University, Itinerary-based Control with Nesting and Upsell


Silver: Stephen Maher, University of New South Wales, The Recoverable Robust Tail Assignment Problem

Bronze: Mazhar Arikan, University of Kansas, Building Reliable Air-Travel Infrastructure Using Stochastic Models of Airline Networks


Silver: Stefan Friedrichs, University of Cologne, Air Cargo Scheduling

Bronze: Xing Hu, New York University, Revenue Sharing in Airline Alliances


Silver Ivan Dovica, Robust Tail Assignment, Charles University, Czech Republic

Bronze Masoud Talebian, Requiring Minimum Sales Volumes to Trigger a Commission Increase under Competition, Columbia University


Silver Douglas Fearing, Equitable and Efficient Coordination of Traffic Flow Management Programs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bronze Gizem Keysan, Tactical and Operational Planning of Scheduled Maintenance for Per-Seat, On-Demand Air Transportation, Georgia Institute of Technology

Honorable Mention Juan Chaneton, Computing Bid-Prices for Revenue Management under Customer Choice, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Honorable Mention Arne Strauss, Network Revenue Management with Inventory-Sensitive Bid Prices and Customer Choice, Lancaster University, UK


Silver Emmanuel Carrier, Modeling the Choice of an Airline Itinerary and Fare Product Using Booking and Seat Availability Data, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bronze Shervin Ahmad Beygi, Decreasing Airline Delay Propagation By Re-Allocating Scheduled Slack, University of Michigan

Honorable Mention Marcus Lowther, En Route Speed Change Optimization for Spacing Continuous Descent Arrivals, Georgia Institute of Technology


Silver Juan José Miranda Bront, A Column Generation Algorithm for Choice-based Network Revenue Management, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bronze Geert De Maere, Multi-objective Approaches for Robust Airline Scheduling, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


Silver Hai Jiang, Dynamic Airline Scheduling: Models, Algorithms and Experiments, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bronze Ozge Sahin, Inter-temporal Valuations, Product Design and Revenue Management, Columbia University


Silver Greg Coldren, Modeling The Competitive Dynamic Among Air-Travel Itineraries With Generalized Extreme Value Models, Northwestern University

Bronze Andreea Popescu, A New Approach To Solve The Probabilistic Nonlinear Seat Inventory Control Problem, Georgia Institute of Technology


Silver Rivi Sandhu, Integrated Airline Planning, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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